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Dreams Before Words

One's own self is indeed difficult to subdue.

Adhocratic Adoxographer
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I am a work in progress. Alternately, un chien andalusia.

Quod scripsi, scripsi.
"always snuggle", aesthetosexuality, alchemy, aleister crowley, alice in wonderland, ambiguity, amelia violet, anaphora, ani difranco, aposiopesis, apostrophe, aquarius, beads, beck, blank slates, bookcrossing, carl jung, catastrophe, celebrating ambiguity, change, chaos, character-building exercises, cold fog, collecting useless nothings, conscientiousness, creative assholism, curiosity, dada, dangerous angels, david lynch, dead heat, dionysus, discordianism, doing it anyway, dreamers, dreaming, dreams, eddie izzard, ellipsis, elusive wordplay, employment law, epiphany, eris, esoterica, estate sales, eternal youth, everything between, expectations, extraordinary things, faeries, fatherhood, firstplacekat, forgetting myself, foucault, gary snyder, goddesses, gods, grassroots democracy, green party, heathers, heaven and earth, hyperbole, hysteron proteron, imagining being someone else, intellectual intercourse, irreverence, isabel victoria, isis, jane's addiction, joan of arc, joseph campbell, justifying going to bed, keeping secrets, ken kesey, knowing better, knowing too much, kurt vonnegut, litotes, losing everything, losing focus, love, magick, metonymy, nostalgia, old apartments, osiris, packratting, paganism, paradox, peace, perpetual novelty, pixies, playing the game, pleonasm, progressive politics, prolepsis, quintessence, reading labels, reality hacking, red roses, religion, revolution, ritual renewal, rumi, scrabble, shakespeare, silver, sitting all alone, socialism, spirituality, spoiling children, spontaneity, spring, staring at the sun, starting over again, staying up too late, storytelling, sunflowers, sunrises, sunsets, surrealism, sushi, synchronicity, synecdoche, tarot, the doors, the moon, thinking in blue, thinking of tomorrow, thrift stores, thriving in oblivion, tipping my hand, twin peaks, underworld, using too much garlic, vanishing at will, wakefulness, waking up too early, witchcraft, words and pictures, world peace, zen, zeugma, zines